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Payment and Shipping Information

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Snail Mail: Ian Holden,
30 Devon Crescent
Halifax, N.S.,
Canada, B3R 2G3.

Phone #: (902) 479-7143.
Fax: (902) 479-1863.

NOTE: I will do my VERY best to get your packages out as quickly as possible after payment is received. However, given the number and complexity of the packages already  "in progress", we do try our best. Also, I will get invoices out within 2 business days maximum.

*ABBREVIATIONSw/o = with operculum. w/perio = with periostracum. w/proto = with protoconch. (not always included - only when noteworthy) R.L. = Rough lip (better than a filed one!)

*DATA: Exactly as recieved. I try to get the best info wherever possible. Also, I try to find the "correct" genus!

Often, I will negotiate on prices - why not try me?? 

$20 credit for every new customer gained through your recommendation (effective when they make an order and give your name!).

*DEALERS: 15% discount for dealer orders over $200.


... ...GEM = perfect to the unaided eye. This is quite uncommon!
... ...F++ or F+++ = almost perfect: superior quality.
... ...F+ = minor imperfections: still a good quality shell.
... ...F = moderate imperfections, often to lip, spire, or surface. HOWEVER, not a "write-off"!
... ...F- = not great.
... = NOT good. Only offered because of extreme rarity or "special features" of rare occurance.
... ...F+/F++, F high, F/F+ = intermediate grades: one tries!

*PAYMENT and POSTAGE INFORMATION (link to details)

*PRICES:   I try to price things fairly and on the low side in general, but if you think any listed prices are too high, simply make me an offer - I'm NOT that hard to get along with!!

*OVERPAYMENTS AND REFUNDS: Are promptly forwarded!!

*RETURNS: You don't like it, you don't pay for it (full refund (or credit if you prefer) upon satisfactory return).

*UPDATES: a):  I will update the list as often as possible, but since many are "one-of-a-kind" items, don't forget to include some "Alternate Selections"!
            b):  I'll be adding new material often as possible.  Under normal conditions, it will be marked as NEW. 

*VARIATION SETS (AND CONTRAST PAIRS): These are a "speciality " of mine-a Labour of Love. Like many folks, I am fascinated by conchological variation: color, pattern, form, sculpture. Therefore, whenever possible, I try to offer carefully selected sets or "series" of specimens, showing as much non-trivial variation as possible, often with surprising results! I hope you will take advantage of some of these offerings, and I promise to make the resulting experience as rewarding as I possibly can.

 If you are unsatisfied for any reason, please tell me. I promise to do everything I can to help you. If you are satisified, please feel free to tell others! Thank-you in advance for your patronage and support!!


To avoid confusion, please specify exactly which item you wish (item #, name & price should do it)!

Prices: Are in USD, but payment may be in USD, or Canadian or Sterling equivalent.

Note:  For the 1st few orders, pre-payment is requested, with estimated postage (see below)  Address:  Ian Holden , P.O. Box 20005, 349 Herring Cove Rd., Halifax, N.S., Canada, B3P 1L1.

An invoice may be requested and the specimens reserved until payment arrives. For "on account" customers, payment is politely requested within 7 days of receiving order; - we operate on very little capital! 

Payments:   I take Paypal (use my regular email address), Money Gram, Western Union, Personal Cheques & Cash (sent at your own risk-suggest you send registered letter).

:USA & Canada: Almost any payment method works (including personal check (cheque, in Canada), but Paypal, International Money order or certified check are preferred.

:Overseas: 1) Postal money orders are cheapest and easiest for smaller orders.  They convert to Canadian dollars, and send it to me directly.  2) International money order, draft or certified check (in USD, Canadian, Sterling, or Euros), BUT, be sure there is computer coding along the bottom of it, however, this is easy, inexpensive, and safe. 3) Cash via registered mail is an option, but you are responsible for it. 4)  Bank transfer in Canadian dollars (just use the current exchange rate: you can check it at All the information you may need is as follows:

Branch # 54213 Institution 004
Account #5215045
under the name Schooner Specimen Shells

TD Canada Trust,
7071 Bayers Rd.,
Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
B3L 2C2
Phone: 902-496-6767

My Civic Address:

Ian Holden,
30 Devon Cres.,
Halifax, N.S., Canada,
B3R 2G3
Phone: 902-479-7143

Postage: North America: 0-500g. $8 for normal airmail, $15 for secure shipping;  500g - 1kg. $12 for normal airmail, $18 for secure shipping;  over 1kg: varies according to size of box, and weight. 
        Overseas: 0-250g. $7.00;   250-500g. $14;   500g - 1kg. $25.00; 1-2kg. $40.00 (NOTE: International orders are NOT traceable because registration is no longer possible for overseas packages.   US and Canada packages are bar coded and traceable. Rush orders available upon request. We will always use the most efficient and least expensive air mail service available. We cannot be responsible for shipment times, as we are at the mercy of various postal services. Thank-you for your understanding.

We are Dedicated to Your Satisfaction!!


Schooner Specimen Shells

is operated as a regular shell dealership.


The Best of Regards, and Happy Shelling!!

(any questions?)