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NOTE: Below is not a sale list.

Conus advertex Garnard, 1961..28mm. ..Australia.

Conus amadis Gmelin, 1791..81mm. Just take a look a scan, and fall in love. ..India.

Conus amadis casteneofasciatus Dautzenberg, 1937...61mm. SPLENDID!! ..Thailand.

Conus ammiralis Linne, 1758...67.5mm. ..Thailand.

Conus araneosus nicobaricus Hwass, 1792..75mm. Completely "classic"! ..Nicobar Is.

Conus archon Broderip, 1833...59mm. Pattern is awsome as well!! ..Costa Rica.

Conus armadillo Shikama, 1971...68mm. Top-notch - a real dillo! ..Philippines.

Conus auricomus Hwass, 1892...27mm. ..Philippines.

Conus australis Holten,1802...85mm. ..Taiwan.

Conus baileyi Rockel & Da Motta, 1979...24.5mm. ..Philippines.

Conus bandanus vidua Reeve, 1843...48mm. Excellent example of the form! ..Philippines

Conus bayani Jousseaume, 1872 ...68mm. GIANT!! (beats Rice in any case!). ..SE India.

Conus bengalensis Okutani, 1968...103mm. Strong colors and patterns. - A handsome shell!! ..India.

Conus betulinus Linne, 1758.95mm. Very exceptional pattern - a display piece! ..Philippines.

Conus cedonulli Linne, 1767.. 49mm. This one represents the very best of the species Has rare GREEN tints. ..St. Vincent.

Conus cedonulli dominicanus Hwass, 1792....41.5mm. As nice as they come!! ..Grenadines.

Conus centurio Born, 1778...52mm. ..Columbia.

Conus compressus Sowerby, 1866...42mm. Light, Very pleasing pattern. ..S. Australia.

Conus corallinus Kiener, 1845 ...16mm. Dark orange - almost "coral". ..Philippines.

Conus cumingii Reeve, 1848...39mm. (handsome, too!!). ..Solomon Is.

Conus dalli Stearns, 1830... 52mm. Well, hello, dalli! ..Panama.

Conus dampierensis Coomans &Fisher, 1985..25mm. Definitely not damp - this is a knock-em-down, drag-em-out specimen of this seldom-seen species!! ..W. Australia.

Conus delessertii Recluz,1843...53mm. F++ ..Florida.

Conus daucus Hwass, 1792...39mm. Solid, DARK orange - a real treat!! ..Martinique.

Conus dusaveli H. Adams, 1872..74mm. Perky proto and colorful dorsal display ..Philippines.

Conus floccatus Sowerby,1841..40.5mm. Good locality! ..New Hebrides.

Conus garciai Da Motta, 1982 ...56.8mm. A good large specimen! ..Roatan Is.

Conus generalis Linne, 1767..67.5 - 75mm. Set: 4 of the best I've seen in a while!! ..Philippines.

Conus gloriamaris Chemnitz, 1777 . .96mm . DARK specimen with lovely BLUE tints - quite exceptional!!! ..Philippines.

Conus grangeri Sowerby, 1900...53.5mm. STRONG example of a robust species! ..Japan.

Conus gubernator Hwass, 1792...90mm. ZOUNDS!!! This giant has colors and a pattern similar to leehmani Da Motta on the dorsum, and gaugani on the side: on the whole a true "collector's piece"! ..Zanzibar.

Conus harlandi Petuch, 1987...17mm. ..Honduras.

Conus jaspideus vanhyningi Rehder, 1944...22mm. The true form of this exeptionally lovely variant of jaspideus. Violet, with beautiful pattern. ..Florida.

Conus jickelli Weinkauff, 1873 ...39.5 & 38.5mm. SERIOUSY contrasting display pair of jickles! ..Djibouti

Conus kintoki Habe & Kosuge, 1970. 57mm. An unusual and lovely "caramel" color. ..Philippines.

Conus kulkulcan Petuch, 1980 .34mm. HULKULCAN!!! A Big Brute!! ..Honduras.

Conus lemiscatus Reeve, 1849...35mm. A handsome shell. ..India.

Conus leopardis Roding, 1798...103mm.. A HANSOME shell, with a clear, black and white patten. ..Okinawa.

Conus lienardi Bernardi & Crosse, 1861...27mm. GEM! Slim, attractive, RARE! ..New Caledonia.

Conus locumtenens Roding, 1798...41.5mm. Man Oman, nice pattern! ..Gulf of Oman.

Conus lucidus Wood, 1828...31mm. Strong pattern. ..Panama.

Conus malacanus Hwass, 1792...55mm. A malacologist CAN love this one! ..India.

Conus mercator Linne, 1758...43mm. ..W.Africa.

Conus milneedwardsi Jousseaume, 1894...151.5mm.VERY UNUSUAL PATTERN: Tent pattern disintegrates in center of dorsum - quite the shell!! A true "collector's item"!! ..India.

Conus mucronatus Reeve,1843...41mm. With beautiful stripes ..Taiwan.

Conus mustellinus Hwass, 1792...67mm. Not musty at all!! Clear pattern ..Zanzibar.

Conus natalis Sowerby, 1857-8... 30mm.."Classical"! ..S. Africa.

Conus neptunus Reeve, 1843...42mm. Strong pattern. ..Philippines.

Conus phlogopus Tomlin, 1931...48.9mm. This is supposed to be a form of spurius Gmelin, but if this is normal for the form, I DOUBT it!!! ..Columbia.

Conus pilkeyi Petuch,1974...56mm. SELDOM!!! ..Solomon Is.

Conus recurvus Broderip, 1833...63.5mm. Beautiful reduced pattern - I like it! ..Panama.

Conus spurius Gmelin, 1791...59mm. Uncomplicated, simple pattern. ..Florida.

Conus striatus f. chusaki Da Motta, 1978...36mm. Good example of form ..Thailand.

Conus textile neovaricus Da Motta, 1982...50mm. F++ w/o. ..Kenya...9

Conus thomae Gmelin, 1791...69mm. Gem THIS is a good shell, I kid you not. ..Philippines.

Conus timorensis Hwass, 1792...36.5mm. Orange, FANTASTIC!! ..Mauritius.

Conus tinianus Hwass, 1792...44.5 & 37mm. BRIGHT ORANGE pair, with good, strong patterns - visually exciting!!! ..South Africa.

...4815.............Conus virgatus Reeves,1849...60mm. F++. Pattern WAY better than usual!! ..Bahamas..10

Conus voluminalis Reeve, 1843...92mm. Ok, like the record is 93mm. BUT, this has a really unusual high spire, and the dorsal display is very pleasant. So there! ..Philippines.

Conus zeylandicus Gmeilin, 1791...33-49mm. REALLY nice set of 5 variants! ..India.

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NOTE: Below is not a sale list.


Cypraea argus cf contrastriata Perry, 1811(larger one in image)...58.5mm. I know this form isn't supposed to get anywhere near the Marshall Islands, but what else would you call this?? ..Marshall Is.

Cypraea cribraria zadela Iredale, 1939...32.5mm. WOW!! Fat, saucy, fabulous. ..Kwajelan.

Cypraea cummingii Sowerby, 1832...10.5mm. Beautiful. ..Tahiti.

Cypraea donmoorei Petuch, 1979...49mm. One prominant "horn". ..Columbia...

Cypraea friendi Gray, 1831...77mm. Light color, quite nice! ..Australia.

Cypraea gaskoini Reeve, 1846...23mm. Don't blow a gaskoni, but this is nice! ..Hawaii.

Cypraea guttata surinensis Raybaudi, 1978 (base)...41mm. Gem- (really close to GEM!)...Superb base! (dorsum is darker than scan indicates, by the way!) Larger spots than usual - a transition to the normal form. ..Andaman Island.

Cypraea hesitata beddonei Schilder, 1930..70mm. LARGE, dark-backed example of this uncommon form. ..Australia.

Cypraea isabellamexicana Stearns, 1893...25.5mm. Good, normal example. ..Costa Rica.

Cypraea lamarki Gray (x miliaris Gmelin???), 1825...50 & 46mm. WONDROUSLY STRANGE, highly-contrasting pair. ..Zanzibar.

Cypraea lynx Linne, 1758...48mm. Fully-overcasted background, giving a bluish tinge - quite attractive! ..Laccadive Is.

Cypraea mappa Linne, 1758(base)...49mm. Now, this one is a real KEEPER! - elongate, very early stage melanistic, with a nice purple splotch on the base. ..Guam.

Cypraea mappa rosea Gray, 1824...74mm. MELANISTIC! -very large for the form as well - a bit darker than Lorenz and Huber Pl. 109 #10. ..Kenya.

Cypraea marginata Dillwyn, 1817...57mm. Nice dark back, good specimen. ..Australia.

Cypraea marginalis Dillwyn, 1827...30.5mm. An exeptional specimen. ..East Africa.

Cypraea mus Linne, 1758...38mm. Very wide sulcus - quite attractive! ..Venezuela.

Cypraea ovum chrysostoma Schilder, 1927...27.5mm. MONDO UNUSUAL: Very dark, a gray color: I've never seen a picture of one similar. ..Solomon Is.

Cypraea pantherina Lightfoot, 1786 ...66mm. Nicely-normal - dark or light. ..Ethiopia.

Cypraea pulchella Swainson, 1823 ...41.5mm. WOW!!! a good one! ..Taiwan.

Cypraea pulchra Gray, 1824...37.5mm. Is this one lovely! ..Oman.

Cypraea pulchella pericalles Melvil and Standen, 1904...34.5mm. GREAT pattern!! ..Taiwan.

Cypraea tesselata Swainson, 1822...31.5mm. Gem. GREAT shell!! One side has just one large black stripe, the other side has the normal 2 black squares, and a KILLER pattern!! ..Hawaii.

Cypraea reevei Sowerby, 1832...30mm. Very fine, delicate pattern: superior! ..S. Australia.

Cypraea scurra Gmelin...44.5mm. A beautiful, "classic" specimen: well worthwhile!! ..Philippines.

Cypraea saulae siasiensis Cate, 1960...22mm. Simple, elegant, beautiful. ..Philippines.

Cypraea stolida crossei Marie, 1869 ...32mm. Quite cross, my dear. ..Japan.

Cypraea tessellata Swainson, 1822 ...27.5mm. Rare, golden "Haw" form!! ..Hawaii.

Cypraea thersites Gaskoin, 1849...77mm. LARGE, Excellent example, with full data and STRIKING base!! ..S. Australia.

Cypraea venusta.Sowerby, 1846...71mm. F++ solid. Good, very "classic" specimen. ..Australia.

Cypraea venusta sorrentensis Schilder, 1963...55mm. Pattern intense and exeptional: you will have to look hard to find better! ..W. Australia..

Cypraea zebra Linne.37.5mm. SUPER-DWARF!!! About as small as they ever get!! ..Florida.

Cypraea zonaria Gmelin, 1791...34mm. Strong banding with lots of Blue- quite something!! ..Gabon.

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Link to Volutidae list (the ones we are selling!)

NOTE: Below is not a sale list.


Alcithoe swainsoniMarwick, 1926...117mm. VERY well developed, strong pattern. ..N. Z.

Amoria canaliculataMcCoy,1869...47mm. AWESOME pattern!! ..Australia.

Cymbiola flavicansGmelin, 1791...73mm. Exeptionally"artistic" pattern!!! ..Australia.

Cymbiola nivosa oblita E.A.Smith, 1909...71mm. Spiney!!! Unusual pattern. ..W. Australia.

Cymbiola vespertillio L, 1758 ...98mm. SUPER-SPIKEY. ..Philippines.

Cymbiola vespertillio L , 1758 "pelliserpenta"...76mm. Triple threat: very "pinched" waist, heavy , sharp spines, and an EXTREME pattern!!! ..New Guinea.

Cymbiolacca thatcheriMcCoy, 1868...69mm. Bright orange color, perfect form, nice pattern - this one is a WINNER!! ..Australia.

Cymbiolacca pulchra houarti Poppe, 1985...68mm. A "classic" specimen!! ..Australia.

Cymbium cymbiumLinne, 1758...146mm. Mellow pattern!! ..W Africa.

Ericusa sericataThornley, 1951 (other side)...94mm. F+ high. Good, typical specimen. ..Australia..10

Fulgoraria cancellataKuroda & Habe, 1950...85mm. Normal, normal, normal. ..Japan.

Fulgoraria clara noguchiiHayashi, 1960...93mm. VERY lovely species. ..Japan.

Fulgoraria concinnaBroderip, 1836...123mm.. NICE!!! ..Japan.

Fulgoraria daviesi Fulton, 1938...95.5mm. Normal. ..Japan.

Fulgoraria kanekoHirase, 1922...163mm. GIANT!!! Good color and pattern. ..Japan.

Fulgoraria rupestris Gmelin, 1791...64mm. Small, but NICE. ..Taiwan.

Harpularia arausiacaLightfoot, 1786...67mm. But with an odd dark patch (14mm.) on dorsum. Has a very small, atypical teleoconch SUPERSPECIAL!! ..India.

Lyria delessertianaPetit de la Sayussaye, 1842...46mm. I LOVE this shell!! ..Madagascar.

Lyria kurodaiKawamura, 1964...78mm. Dark, handsome - who needs tall?? India ..Vietnam.

*3460A................Lyria planicostata taiwanica Lan...60mm. ..Phillipines.

Nannamoria guntheri, E.A.Smith, 1886...51mm. OH WOW. What can one say about such a beautiful shell??? ..Australia.

Notavoluta kueuslerae Angas, 1865...62mm. This is a NICE one!!!!! ..S. Australia.

Notavoluta verconis Tate, 1892 ...31, 32mm. "Normal" for this interesting species. SPECIAL!! ..Australia .

Odontocymbiola americana Reeve, 1856...60mm. BIG!! GREAT pattern also - a true American Beauty. ..Brazil.

Scaphella dubia kieneriClench, 1946...123mm. ..Mexico.

Voluta musica carneolataLamarck, 1811,...46.5mm. The famous red music thingie. ..West Indies.

Voluta polypleuraCrosse, 1876...94mm. It's almost red, too! Oddly enough, many of the little holes that pepper the species, go all the way through!. ..Honduras.

Voluta polypleura demarcoi Olsson, 1965...88mm. GIANT!!! Does it for me!! ..Honduras.

Voluta polypleurta retemirabilisPetuch, 1981...56.5mm. Lip a bit juvenile, otherwise a good representative of this very rare form. ..Roatan Is.

Voluta virescensLightfoot, 1786...78mm. DARK specimen - outstanding!! ..Honduras.

Link to Muricidae list (the ones we are selling!)

NOTE: Below is not a sale list.

Ceratostoma foliatum Gmelin, 1791...88mm. - WOW!!!! ..Washington.

Chicoreus axicornis Lamarck, 1822...25mm. Small, but Gorgeous!! ..Philippines.

Chicoreus nobilis Shikama, 1977...36 & 42.5mm. Contrasting pair: yellow and pink. ..Philippines.

Murex festivus Hinds, 1844...42.5mm. ..California.

Muricopsis blainvillei Payradeau, 1826...26mm. ..Athens.

Thais orbita...60mm. Georgeous!! ..Galapagos.